When is hearing protection required?

When is hearing protection required? - EU ISOtunes

To understand the need for hearing protection, first, we need to understand what is classed as “harmful noise”.

So, how much noise is too much noise?

Every day we are exposed to harmful sounds, some of which do have the potential to damage our hearing if we listen excessively to them in the long run. Hearing loss happens gradually and slowly over a long period of time, which makes it harder to notice until much further down the line.

The Decibel scale runs from 0 up to 130 decibels. Around 85 decibels is what’s considered a ‘high noise’ level on the decibel scale, and according to Decibel Pro – it is considered 15 times more intense than the 70-decibel level considered by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safe for human hearing.

Therefore we must protect ourselves from over-exposing our ears to excessive harmful levels of noise, and the maximum periods a person should be exposed to harmful noise per day without hearing protection can be surprising!

Take for example travelling.

Whether that be everyday travelling such as a bus or a tube, to train journeys or even flying – as you can see from the image above some of these sounds would be able to cause permanent hearing loss in just under an hour.

That means it’s important in these kinds of environments to wear hearing protection as you’ll be exposed to these harmful levels for excessive periods which ultimately can lead to permanent hearing loss.

ISOtunes hearing protection does just that – whether you work in a woodworking shop, on a busy farm, or simply you’re just a frequent flyer – ISOtunes has a range of hearing protection that can stop hearing damage in its tracks, whilst allowing you to appreciate the busy sounds of the world around you.

ISOtunes is committed to protecting and conserving your hearing, by being both tested and approved in accordance with ANSI S3.19-1974 specifications. They also use their signature SafeMax™ Technology which is built into every product to ensure maximum volume output of 85 dB, OSHA's identified level of safe sound exposure throughout a workday. As such, all ISOtunes products meet OSHA and NIOSH requirements to be used as hearing protectors in the workplace.

Safety made easy – with ISOtunes.

Find out more about our SafeMax™ Hearing Conservation on the technology page.

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